Environmental Issues

*Information below was compiled by author of Linwood Sucks*
Dear all,
As it has taken 6 years so far to get direct answers I have compiled an aide memoire to jog all of our memories on what may be as yet unresolved issues. Perhaps some have been resolved to the satisfaction of the authorities and Renfrewshire Council, however I am not aware of any disclosure being made to inform the local community.
Please find enclosed the following;
* I would invite that you do read them as the recent “shocked reaction” from some members in local community suggests that much of this research has not come to their fullest attention.
  1. Aide memoire on unresolved contamination issues in Linwood
  2. Toxic Timeline; documenting change in land use from 19th century
  3. Summary extract taken from extensive land survey report carried out in Cowal Drive playground.
  4. Letter from Sir Ken Collins of SEPA to Mr Struan Stevenson MEP – dated 27th Sept 2007. In this letter Sir Ken Collins attempts to offer some explanation as to why no records available for Linwood Incinerator and landfill prior to 1996. Keep in mind this incinerator was opened by HRH. Why such a high profile opening ceremony?

Extract from SEPA LETTER:
“At this moment in time SEPA does not have the full results of the laboratory investigations into the samples taken from the site. Therefore, it is not appropriate to comment further until these reports are available and, more importantly, interpreted. However, SEPA will advise you in writing of our findings as soon as is practicable.

With regard to other questions/statements in the first and second paragraphs of item 6 of Tom Burke’s correspondence to you of 12 September 2007, I can advise that these relate to a time, likely to be many years before SEPA regulated the landfill (SEPA has regulated from 1996 onwards, which was when SEPA came into being), and for which we have no available records of which I am aware. The incinerator mentioned was closed in 1992 and again we have no records of which we are aware regarding how it was operated and whether wastes were partially burned or not. Consequently, SEPA has no way of confirming one way or the other any of the questions or statements in this paragraph.”

Questions asked in the aide memoire copied below for your convenience; 
  1. Rhubarb Crops:I have asked repeatedly for clarification on the safety of the rhubarb which grows in massive abundance between the landfill and Middleton farm. Has this soil been tested?
  2. Is this rhubarb fit for human consumption?
  3. Is this rhubarb being harvested commercially?
  4. Are you aware that whilst these questions remain unanswered that locals are helping themselves to this rhubarb?
  5. Community Woodlands appear to have been developed on site of a former coup. What records are in existance to what was dumped there?
  6. When was this area last tested and are the results available?
  7. Is the fruit from the abdundance of plum trees in the community woodlands fit for human consumption?
  8. Original flats on Brediland Road: I witnessed tar-like substances in various drains in communial gardens near the sports centre athletics track. What test results and physical findings are there for recorded for this area?
  9. Sanctuary Housing: Why was further soil sampling required at Erskinefauld & Brediland after Sanctuary Housing tenants had moved in?
  10. Why have test results not as yet been made available?
  11. Is it acceptable for people to live in housing which has an adhoc public health warning “suggesting” not to grow fruit and vegetables in their gardens?
  12. Is it safe for residents in Erskinefauld and Brediland Road areas to consume fruit & vegetables in their own gardens?
  13. Where are the progress reports from original remediation process?
  14. Arnott Gardens: What happened to the original remediation documentation for Arnott Gardens?
  15. What tests were done before my  intervention at Arnott Gardens?
  16. What tests were done after my intervention at Arnott Gardens resulted in delay of occupancy?
  17. Can we please see all test results for Arnott Gardens?
  18. Why is there a large grassy mound at the rear of Arnott Gardens? Is this covering a pile of questionable soil and/or covering a mine shaft full of contaminant waste from the Brediland Chemical Works?
  19. Sports Centre: Why have the small areas with “tar-like substance” oozing to the surface remained all these years with just a make-shift barrier?
  20. Were tests carried out here? If yes then what was the outcome? Results available?
  21. The main Sports centre athletics track and building complex would appear to be sited on the worst of the mine area and would have been a massive dumping ground for Brediland Chemical works. There is also signs of a cooling reservoir having been near the buildings. What physical remnants of the mining and/or Chemical works have been uncovered and what tests have been carried out?
  22. Erskinefauld Park: Why was the playground equipment removed from Erskinefauld Road without any consultation with myself and other interested parties who had contributed many hours voluntarily discussing future regeneration of this playground?
  23. IF there is a problem with this piece of ground at Erskinefauld road then why was it not included in the massive remediation process?
  24. If there is a problem with this piece of ground at Erskinefauld Road then why is it still accessable to the public?
  25. Shopping Centre; Are contaminated land and mine workings contributing to the delay in the regeneration of the former Regional Shopping Centre?
  26. Morton Nursery? Was the land tested here after the hasty demolition of the premises?
  27. Green Farm Road: waste ground opposite Green Farm market; what findings came from soil tests done here?
  28. Dents corner, square “waste ground” on crossroads formed by Moss road, Bridge street, Bridge of Weir road and Fulwood ave. This was the site of Dents & Johnstone. What records are available on tests done prior to this land being capped in 1972? Have any tests been done since? Is it possible this land is contaminated by polonium?
  29. Golden Pheasant; anecdotal evidence has this land recorded as “Daisy Hill – site of a mass cholera grave”. What tests have been done here?
  30. Cowal Drive playground; an indepth land survey was carried out here. I have the results in a PDF if any would care to read them. I am not convinced this play area is safe for children aka “receptors” to play in. Just because the land survey was carried out to support possible regeneration project by Linwood Active surely does not mean that the exisiting play area remains as is?
  31. Landfill; none of the questions asked in the ” 3 Million Pound Cover Up” were ever resolved. These will be enclosed in a word document for interested parties.
Various Letters & Reports in PDF Format: